Qualitative observation allows Victoria to see where there might be more tension and muscular strain in your posture. This visual analysis and description involves upper and lower extremities, pelvis and trunk during motion.

Stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, and many other afflictions. So it is wise to allow a few minutes to take stock of what your stress is all about. How many of the following stresses affect you?

Make your own stress awareness list and be exact. It is easy to lump many things together and mindlessly use “stressed out” as your mantra. In order to calm stress’s power, we need to be conscious of the specific factors that set us off, keep us awake, cause us confusion, and activate our fears. Stress may be your companion, but it is a thief, so protect what you value. While a degree of stress is good and can give you the edge to succeed at your job, stress can also produce feelings that overwhelm you. Power grows from step-by-step awareness of situations, ideas or individuals that produce anxiety. Awareness leads to mindfulness and balance.

  • Turn off the TV. Log off. Stop texting. Stress thrives on compulsions.
  • Meditation and Yoga has been proven effective on panic attacks and stress.
  • Visualize a time and place when you felt stress-free. In your mind, return to that place, Focus on the quality of your breathing while on that peaceful place and as you gradually return from there; bring back with you a deep calm breath.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. We know that almost everyone is sleep deprived.
  • Retire to a bubble bath. Exfoliate, moisturize and give yourself a foot massage.
  • Do a good deed. Extend kindness to others and experience relaxation within yourself.
  • Eat a healty meal. Implement better dieting to your life.
  • Limit or remove alcohol and caffeine.
  • Take vacations, long weekends, or just take leave more often.
  • The path of Self-Improvement is paved with patience and compassion starting with your “self”.
  • Laughter heals more than words can describe.
  • Establish restorative routines in your life, “rhythm restores power”.
  • Book a massage appointment!







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