After your massage therapy session at Healing Hands Body Work, you will emerge with a newly relaxed body and mind which will enable you to return to your chosen sport or daily life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Therapist Victoria Culbeaux, designs your specific massage session with a multi-dimensional approach. She considers several variables including your particular level of activity and fitness, your walking gait or stride, your posture or any repetitive pattern(s) and the type of sport (if any) in which you are most often engaged. Victoria then designs a personalized massage program addressing your specific concerns and desired outcomes.

A licensed massage therapist for nearly 10 years, Victoria has an extensive tool box to draw from. In addition to skillful deep tissue massage, she is trained in Structural Integration and practices Cranial Sacral Therapy, lymphatic therapy, and draws from her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the best way to make the most of your session. From your very first appointment, you’ll find that her eclectic approach to maintaining the complete body/mind health of her clients is very effective.

She frequently challenges the limits of her art by going beyond the traditional “face up, face down” positioning to explore other postures such as sideways or sitting in order to reach those problem areas requiring therapeutic attention. She also engages her clients in movement reeducation designed to release “stuck” muscles.

Victoria describes her therapy sessions as “a combination of dynamic work” as well as “an offering of a calm contemplative moment to nurture the client’s sense of harmonious well-being.”

Since leaving a successful sports therapy practice in Chicago in 2006, Victoria has sculpted her Boulder business to embrace the treatment of tri-athletes, runners, skiers, cyclists, rock climbers, yogis, personal trainers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. She believes that not only athletes but any individual can reap the benefits of her professional ministrations. Even if you are not an athlete, you can always benefit from Healing Hands Body Work. The door is open to anyone in need of personalized massage therapy.

Victoria says, “I am always touched with reverence for the trust that people place on me by allowing me to work on them in such a profound way.”

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